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Mens fertility supplements and formulas

Mens fertility supplements and formulas

Mens fertility supplements and formulas

Mens fertility supplements

Mens fertility supplements are food supplements aimed at improving semen quality. The most joyful moment of every person’s life is when he welcomes a newborn to the family. Creating another life is a magical and beautiful thing, but in recent few decades, people have started having problems conceiving. Women were often blamed in the past and their fertility was the focus of modern medicine for many years.

But, with the development of modern medicine and new techniques, we are now able to know more about problems regarding mens fertility and possible causes behind them. There are many different Mens fertility supplements on the market and some of them have proved to be more successful than others. There are also natural alternatives you can look into if you prefer more natural methods.

Balanced Nutrition and Physical Activity

The general approach to improving fertility in men and women means carefully balanced nutrition, dominated by seafood (sardines, salmon, bivalves) and sesame seeds and flax seed, nuts, eggs, and tofu. You should consume green leafy vegetables, berry fruits, citrus and exotic fruits (avocado, mango) on a daily basis. Additionally, day-to-day physical activity should be added to your day regardless of whether it is fast walking, running, cycling, and the like. You can also visit the gym for a moderate workout, go swimming, etc.

The first thing you need to consider, if you have problems with your fertility is your diet. Especially if you are used to eating fast food and making unhealthy life choices. Even though it might seem a little bit unusual, our bodies are consistent of nutrients that we put into it.

  • Zinc for better fertility

This mineral is needed for testicular health and for the count, shape and motility of sperm cells. Zinc protects DNA in reproductive cells and prevents their damage. In men, zinc protects sperm and increases chances of fertilization. Wh the sperm enters the female reproductive tract, zinc breaks down to aid the sperm accelerate toward the target egg cell.

Mens fertility supplements and ingredients

Some of the most delicious zinc foods are spinach, pumpkin seeds, toasted wheat germ, Indian nuts, cocoa and chocolate, boiled beans and champignons.

  •  Increase the intake of essential fatty acids

Each body consists of 50 percent fat and 50 percent protein. Semen health depends on high intake of high quality essential fatty acids, which provide the cell membrane fluid required for fertilization. Vegetable foods rich in essential fatty acids of omega 3 are flaxseed oil, hemp, nightgown, dog thorn, wrinkle or chia, flax and hemp seeds. You can be supplied with omega 3 and from top quality dietary supplements at doses of 1 to 2 grams per day.

Omega-3 fatty acids in a concentrated form have a beneficial effect on the menstrual cycle in women and fertilization as a whole. In addition, taking omega-3 during pregnancy protects the fetus from birth defects and contributes to the development of the brain, eyes and nervous system of the baby. A man’s regular consumption of omega-3 can help with sperm mobility and positively effect general mood.

  • Take advantage of the strength of the antioxidants

With omega 3, it is also useful to take strong antioxidants that protect cells from damage and premature aging.

Of the antioxidants, we highlight:

Cloves, Akai berries (juice, capsules or powder) , Cocoa powder – ecologically grown, Baked walnut, Black base, Wild blueberries, Cranberries, Pistachios, Garlic, Green tea,  Tomato.

Herbal solutions and natural mens fertility supplements

From herbal supplements there is an extract of Sibiric ginseng, red clover, echinacea, etc. Consult your physician prior to daily supplementation with omega-3  due to a possible interaction with aspirin and potential dangers of bleeding.

Royal jelly is another product you can try out. This jelly is a substance that is created by other bees in the bees nest, for their queen. This substance is rich in amino acids, vitamins and proteins. This substance is both good for males and females.

Avoid toxic surroundings and materials

Try to avoid warming and squeezing your testicles. Spacious trousers are better than narrow, and the wide-spread legs is healthier than leg crossing.

Investigations have shown that tight clothing and positions that squeezes the testicles can temporarily hinder blood flow.

This can lead not only to reduced fertility and erectile dysfunction. Avoid heated seats, long hot baths, and frequent sauna treatments for increased testicular and sperm health. Swim in moderately warm water and avoid sitting too long on a bicycle.

Avoiding toxic surroundings like rooms with some sort of fumes or vaping materials that can possibly harm your body.

Plastic has an adverse effect on sperm quality. This material causes hormonal imbalance, suppresses testosterone production and consequently reduces sperm count.

So do not drink or eat from plastic cups, plates, and bowls, and do not use a plastic cutlery. Practice in general less use of plastic items, and if you can’t avoid it, wash your hands after using the plastic.

Other possible dangers in your surroundings

Environmental toxins have a detrimental effect on many aspects of general and reproductive health. Many chemicals around us hinder our hormonal balance. Toxins destroy large amounts of sperm by hampering or preventing conception, and in women increasing the risk of spontaneous abortion. So find out which frequently used chemicals contain toxins and reduce exposure to them.

Among them are the main “culprits” of cleaning agents, paints, cosmetics, building materials and disinfectants.To improve fertility, you and your partner should also avoid all forms of radiation, whether it is ionizing or not.
If possible, remove the electrical appliances from the bedroom to protect against radiation while sleeping. Do not hold your cell phone in your pocket, because sperm cells are very sensitive to any radiation.

If you have to work with a notebook, place it on a desk or other artificial surface, and you will rarely hold it on your lap. This way you will protect yourself from unnecessary radiation and eliminate any threats for your fertility.

Stress control

Besides supplements and diets you can try out, the most important thing to do is to release yourself from stress. Before you get into making changes in your fitness and nutrition, that anxiety level needs to go down. Many studies show that stress is one of the main causes of various medical conditions in our body. So take some days off and give yourself a break.


Mens Fertility problems might be hard to deal with but they are not unsolvable. Before trying out any of the above-mentioned methods, visit your doctor and get a good insight in your overall health. Knowing exactly where you stand is the first step to a final solution, so don’t waste any time in despair and get to those necessary changes.

Even if you don’t have fertility problems, these advices are good to apply because they will improve your overall health and keep you young and vital. And when you are feeling your best, your body is certainly going to give back to you.

mens fertility supplements

Your Fertility and FertilHerb

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