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  • L-Carnitine – Carries an important role in metabolism and sperm development. Many studies have shown the astounding effect L-carnitine has on sperm motility, morphology, count, and concentration.
  • Vitamin C – Works as an anti-oxidant to protect in-formation sperm cells. A prolonged deficiency of vitamin C can cause infertility and cumulative damage to genetic material (DNA) found in sperm cells.
  • Vitamin E – Acts as an anti-oxidant (Lipophilic antioxidant) that is essential to the cell structure as well as to slow the aging processes.
  • Coenzyme Q10 – Acts as an antioxidant and is involved in creating the necessary energy for the development of seeds. It has been observed that a daily administration of 10 mg of Coenzyme Q10 can increase sperm count and motility.
  • Niacin – Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid, is an organic compound with the formula C 6H 5NO 2 and, depending on the definition used, one of the 20 to 80 essential human nutrients.
  • Zinc – A mineral composite involved in metabolism and cell division, lack of it is accompanied by a decrease in sperm count and impotence.
  • Folic acid – This acid is essential for the production of genetic material in sperm cells, along with vitamins B6 and B12.
  • Selenium – A mineral essential which plays an important role in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis, and protection from oxidative damage and infection. Lack of selenium can cause damage to seed mobility.
  • Vitamin B12 – Essential to the cell division process, in particular the creation of genetic material (RNA and DNA). Vitamin B12 deficiency is accompanied with low sperm count and motility.
  • Maca – Maca is a popular herb with fertility-enhancing properties. Studies have shown repeat success in improving sperm health, increase in sperm count and stronger motility. Maca also increases libido and sex drive.
  • Ashwaghanda – Root extract of Ashwagandha improves sperm parameters like sperm concentration and motility in men.
  • Tribulus Terrestrius – Tribulus terrestris is a plant used for male virility and general vitality by supporting normal testosterone levels.
  • Panax Ginseng – Panax ginseng root improves sperm motility and sexual health in men with asthenospermia.
  • Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) – Siberian Ginseng root enhances sexual performance, improves male fertility through modulating the neuronal and hormonal systems and promotes spermatogenesis.
  • Red Clover – Red Clover may support detoxification of the liver and kidneys, an essential for hormonal balance. Red Clover can also increase blood circulation, and therefore beneficial to the reproductive system.

Amount Per Serving

Vitamin C: 200 mg
Vitamin E: 240 IU
Niacin: 30 mg
Folic Acid : 500 mcg
Vitamin B12: 99 mcg
Zinc (as picolinate): 30 mg
Selenium : 300 mcg
L-Carnitine: proprietary formula
Panax ginseng (Root): proprietary formula
Tribulus terrestris proprietary formula
Red Clover proprietary formula
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) proprietary formula
Maca(Root) proprietary formula
Ashwagandha (Root) proprietary formula
Siberian Eleuthero (Root) proprietary formula