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Fertility Friendly Exercise | Best Fitness Exercises for Fertility

Fertility Friendly Exercise | Best Fitness Exercises for Fertility

Fertility Friendly Exercise | Best Fitness Exercises for Fertility

Exercise is capable of affecting your fertility. How much exercise you indulge in may determine how easy it would be to get pregnant naturally, hence, fertility friendly exercise. Now, there is an ongoing debate regarding whether exercise is harmful or helpful for fertility and I believe the answer to that would be, depends on the exercise of choice. As everybody knows, exercise is good for just about everything. It keeps the body in great shape, helps reduce stress levels, ensures the mind continues performing optimally and improves health considerably.

What many may not realize is that exercise is also great for fertility.

Avoid Nonfriendly Fertility Exercise

Also, certain types of exercise can damage fertility; hence, the importance of exercising caution. While exercise is good, excessive exercise isnā€™t. In fact, too much exercise has a correlation with infertility. Excessive exercises refer to the workouts that leave men and women injured or lacking sleep. Any exercise that you do on top of your daily routines is also not ideal. Calorie-burning exercises that involve spending more time working out than on activities such as eating can also have a negative bearing on fertility.

Nevertheless, the benefits of exercise for fertility far outweigh the negatives. The best exercises for fertility are those that help you retain the right body mass index.

Most Effective Fertility Friendly Exercise

The best exercises that men and women alike can take part in to improve fertility include:
a) walking
b) dancing
c) yoga (for women)
d) kettlebell swing (for men)
e) cycling
f) swimming
g) tai chi
h) Pilates

Start Gradually before Upping the Ante

Also, itā€™s advisable for anybody who is embarking on a workout for the first time to start slow. Equally important is the need for demonstrating consistency with all fitness goals. Taking part in a 1-hour workout session at least thrice a week increases the chances of successful implantation. Additionally, stick to a regular schedule. Itā€™s highly advisable to work out your exercise for fertility to 30-minute sessions every day.
Remember, excessive exercise for fertility affects the:

  • Ā pituitary gland
  • Ā hormones
  • Ā ovulation

Aim for General Fitness

General fitness is great for your overall health. It also increases your chances of conception. Other than that, it ensures that women carry a healthy pregnancy to full term. Also, general fitness increases womenā€™s chances of delivering a healthy baby. General fitness is great for the unborn baby too. Therefore, it is wrong for women (and men) to contemplate abandoning exercises altogether.

In conclusion, remember that the goal of exercise for fertility should be to enable you to attain the right BMI. Exercising is a great way of optimizing fertility. For women, one of the ways of achieving maximum results is by regulating the menstrual cycle. Men and women alike should find ways of enabling their bodies to establish regularity with all the exercises they do. The importance of doing just enough (rather than overdoing it all) is worth reiterating here.

Even if you do exercises for fertility and have the perfect BMI you still need to eat a varied and healthy diet, read more about the essential ingredients for a healthy fertility diet.

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