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How To Use

How To Use For Best Results

  • Take the recommended dosage, 2 capsules daily with food or immediately after. A lower dosage is likely to prevent the expected effect.
  • Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol, moderate drinking does not harm sperm.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking increases oxidation processes which damage sperm cells.
  • Don't wear tight underwear and pants as they raise testicle temperature which eventually damage sperm motility and concentration.
  • Avoid warm baths or saunas.
  • Refrain from cycling.
  • Abstain from sitting for longer than 2 hours as it also raises testicle temperature.
  • Avoid cell phone proximity to testicles.
  • Don't work with a laptop on your lap, your computer emits heat.
  • Refrain from extreme obesity.
  • Avoid from eating soy as it contains phytoestrogens which could pose a risk to human reproductive health.
  • Don't use Echinacea as it was observed to interfere with sperm movement.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables, as pesticides, can damage the sperm production process.
  • Reduce consumption of industrial, processed and fried products such as puff pastry, white flour, and white sugar.

To increase your chances of fertilization, start having sex in the few days leading up to ovulation, as sperm can live for three to five days inside a woman's body.