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Boosting Your Sperm Count – Effective Tips to Consider

Boosting Your Sperm Count – Effective Tips to Consider

Boosting Your Sperm Count – Effective Tips to Consider

Boosting Your Sperm Count – Four Easy and Effective Tips

Millions of men around the world grapple with low sperm count, and this exposes them to other embarrassing problems such as low sexual performance and infertility. Consequently, this issue is regarded with fear and disappointment, and many men who suffer from it do not know what to do about it; most men do not even open up about it.

However, it is easy to increase your sperm count and overcome most of the issues associated with it. Here is how to make your sperm count go up.

Live and Eat Healthy

Your sperm count is significantly affected by what you eat and how you live. For starters, scientists have identified several foods that increase sperm count and boost libido. They include fish, eggs, walnuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and vegetables, among others. In general, a diet that is low in fats and high in proteins is good for your sperm count.

Unhealthy habits such as taking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are also disastrous to your sperm count. Alcohol causes the production of estrogen, which, in turn, reduces the amount of testosterone in the body. Cigarettes, on the other hand, reduce sperm count and mobility; in fact, study shows that men who smoke have 22% fewer sperm than those who do not.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising triggers the release of many hormones including testosterone. Testosterone is directly associated with a man’s sexual health including his sperm count. As such, it pays to exercise regularly, but not too much.

Ensure that your exercise regimen is well-rounded and avoid focusing on the same set of muscles for too long. Additionally, rest occasionally to help your muscles rebuild and give the produced testosterone time to work. It is also important not to use anabolic steroids as they can not only alter the production of testosterone but also shrink your testicles.

After all, exercising not only makes you last longer in bed but also helps prolong your natural life and health.

Keep your Testicles Cool

Testicles are designed to rest outside the body as they require a cool environment. Exposing them to too much warmth hinders their function, and this always results in a low sperm count.

So, how do you keep your testicles cool? First, avoid hot baths and saunas as they are very damaging to your sperms. Second, avoid tight pants and instead wear loose trousers, and also replace your briefs with loose boxers or shorts. Finally, embrace the idea of sleeping without pants on; the body is especially warm when asleep.

Consult the Doctor

Severe cases of low sperm count necessitate greater measures such as consulting a doctor. The problem may be medical in nature; for instance, varicocele is a medical condition characterized by low sperm count. What’s more, the doctor can recommend treatments such as hormone injections or the use of supplements.

It is especially important to consult the doctor before using any supplements as not only supplements are effective; some even have severe side-effects. There are few regulated and doctor-recommended fertility supplement, including FertilHerb. FertilHerb is a natural supplement that actually works and hardly has any side-effects.

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Your Sperm Count and FertilHerb

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