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Coenzyme Q10 for male and female fertility

Coenzyme Q10 for male and female fertility

Coenzyme Q10 for male and female fertility

Coenzyme Q10 or Co Q10 as many people know it has been used for years to maintain heart health. However, research shows that Co Q10 has also been linked to both male and female fertility. Co Q10 belongs to the ubiquinone family of compounds and is a fat soluble, vitamin like compound produced by the human body naturally. Ubiquinone means itā€™s prevalent in almost all cells in our bodies. It is a vitamin like substance because it can be produced by the body. Vitamins by classification cannot be created by the body and must be acquired through food or nutritional supplements.

How Co Q10 works in the body

Co Q10 makes up part of the electron chain that generates energy in the cells. As such, it functions as an antioxidant which decreases the debilitating effects that free radicals have on the reproductive system. As we get older, our bodyā€™s Co Q10 levels also decreases which causes processes requiring high energy levels such as fertilization and embryo development to suffer as a result of low energy output.

CoQ10 and Female Fertility

Ovulation is an intense process that requires a lot of energy. It is the process through which life is created, after all. As such, the human egg contains more mitochondria than anywhere else because mitochondria are charged with energy production. Co Q10 helps in energy production and the enzyme is most effective when women are in their 20s, after which decline starts to occur. CoQ10 supplementation for female fertility is therefore offered to have a positive impact on pregnancy outcome, particularly for women aged above 35 years.

CoQ10 supplementation for female fertility has also been known to be efficient in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. Studies show that when used in combination with clomiphene, women have reported more egg follicles, higher rates of ovulation and greater endometrial thickness.

CoQ10 and male Fertility

One of the main contributors of male infertility is the presence of free radicals available in the semen. Free radicals are responsible for causing damage to the cells in the sperm as they attack and destroy the membranes that surround the cells. Free radicals also cause severe damage to the DNA, causing errors in genetic information contained and carried by the sperm.
CoQ10 is an antioxidant that improves male fertility by protecting cells from the debilitating oxidative reactions that are caused by free radicals. Men on regular intakes of CoQ10 have reported increase sperm morphology, density and motility.

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Your Fertility and FertilHerb

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