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How to Increase Sperm Motility and Sexual Performance

How to Increase Sperm Motility and Sexual Performance

How to Increase Sperm Motility and Sexual Performance

Smart Tips to Increase Sperm Motility and Sexual Performance

Low sperm motility is one of the primary causes of infertility among men. For starters, there is usually insufficient sperm to impregnate a woman. Additionally, the low sperm count translates to poor sexual performance. Whatā€™s more, low sperm motility is often accompanied by other issues such as poor sperm quality and sluggishness.

Fortunately, there are several proven ways of increasing sperm motility. Here is an insight into smart tips for boosting oneā€™s sperm count.

Eat healthy foods

The motility and quality of sperms depend significantly on oneā€™s nutritional intake. Certain foods and diets are beneficial to a manā€™s sperm production, but others have negative effects. As such, it pays to know which foods to eat and which to avoid.
Diets that are high in proteins and low in fats are good for sperm motility. Other specific foods that boost sperm production include eggs, fish, pumpkin seeds, fruits, and a wide range of green vegetables.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is virtually entirely beneficial to a personā€™s health. It comes with health benefits such as stronger immunity, fitness, long life, and improved sexual performance.

Exercising is especially beneficial in sperm production as it triggers the release of testosterone, a hormone that is directly responsible for sperm production. Coupled with increased energy production and stamina, exercising improves not only sperm motility but also oneā€™s sexual performance and physical appeal.

Avoid unhealthy habits

Many men are responsible for their low sperm motility owing to their unhealthy lifestyles. In particular, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is disastrous for oneā€™s sperm count and health.

Scientists have determined that men who smoke cigarettes have approximately 22% fewer sperm than men who do not smoke; recent researches hint that marijuana has the same effects on sperm motility as cigarettes. Alcohol, on the other hand, inhibits the production of testosterone and boosts the production of estrogen. Alcohol may not seem as bad as cigarettes, but research shows that two bottles of beer can have long-lasting effects on oneā€™s sperm count.

As such, you may need to forego cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and other unhealthy lifestyles if you wish to increase your sperm motility; after all, unhealthy living often leads to chronic diseases and premature death.

Conserve your sperms

Sperms are generated by the minute, but they should nevertheless be conserved especially if you are already dealing with low sperm motility. Ejaculating often only serves to reduce your sperm count, and the body struggles to replenish the sperm count even under optimal conditions. Consequently, it is wise to conserve your sperms and give them sufficient time to accumulate.

As such, avoid too much sex and masturbation and conserve your sperms for those special moments; after all, it is not enjoyable when you do not have enough to give.

Make use of supplements

Infertility is a major problem among men all over the world. Consequently, there are thousands of fertility supplements that purport to treat this condition and improve sexual performance in general. Many of these pills are ineffective, but there are certain brands that are indeed effective; consequently, these are the brands that you should go for.

As such, search the market for the ideal supplement for quick and assured recovery. The ideal strategy is to go for the proven brand: FertilHerbTM. FertilHerbTMis not only developed, tested, and recommended by doctors and experts in the field but is also GMP certified.

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